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Jeff is the ‘big picture and industry’ half of the instructional team. Jeff’s affiliation with National Geographic Television dates back to 1992. As a staff producer in the natural history unit, he crafted award- winning films, garnering four National Emmy awards and ten National Emmy nominations.   jeff

His innovative 90-minute film chronicling the violent struggle for survival between South Africa’s great carnivores, “Predators At War”, won the prestigious New York Festivals Gold Medal for Directing and the Emmy for Outstanding Nature, Science and Technology program.

Today, based out of his home on Bowen Island, British Columbia, Jeff is the principal of Tamarin Productions, and he researches, develops, produces, directs and shoots a wide range of wildlife and human subjects for National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, The Nature Conservancy and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. A native of Southern California, Jeff earned his degree in Government & International Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Before picking up a film camera, Jeff supported himself as a factory worker, first mate on a sailing yacht, blue grass musician, field researcher and bio-technician. You can reach Jeff at: jeff{at}sciencefilm.org.



colin   Colin is an ecologist, photographer, video-grapher, musician, and polar expedition guide. Colin has studied intertidal ecology from the west coast of Vancouver Island to the Bay of Fundy since 1996. He has biology degrees from Simon Fraser University (B.Sc. 1996), the University of New Brunswick (M.Sc., 2002),

and the University of British Columbia (Ph.D., 2007). He is now a professor of Life Sciences at Quest University Canada, an adjunct professor in the Botany Department at UBC, and teaches yearly at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Colin’s photography has graced countless textbooks, newspapers, and magazines, plus the walls of thousands of happy citizens worldwide.

In 2007, Colin was hired as the head videographer for Peregrine Adventures (now One Ocean Expeditions), producing videos during a 3-month stint in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. He has also made films in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and during most of his 30 trips to Antarctica. In 2014, Colin was a member of the expedition that search for, and found, the Franklin Expedition vessel, HMS Erebus. As a professional musician, Colin is also proficient in the recording and editing of audio. Colin is the ‘science and technical’ half of the instructional team. You can reach Colin at colin{at}sciencefilm.org.



  Salvatore Vecchio is a Senior Editor for National Geographic Television and Film. His films have garnered multiple Emmys and he has personally been nominated three times for an Emmy in the Craft of Editing. In addition to his editorial work, Salvatore is a Voice Over artist and a member of AFTRA/SAG, and he has narrated over a hundred films for National Geographic's Domestic and International Channels. Prior to joining NGTF, Salvatore was a freelance editor, cutting films for the Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Networks, and other independent producers.
  John Benam is a producer and Emmy Award-winning cinematographer. John has contributed to some of National Geographic's most high profile programming, including the epic series "Great Migrations". Whether climbing 180 feet up the giant trees of Borneo, braving the wilds of Sudan, scouring the Alaskan tundra or paddling the swollen Amazon, John has travelled far and wide to cover some of the world's greatest spectacles. In 2009, John founded his own production company, Benam Films, Inc. John is a master of high-speed, high definition cinematography.
  Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Mark Emery has worked with Navy Seals, IMAX, BBC, PBS, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Mark spends his summers in King Salmon, Alaska, filming bears, salmon, wolves, caribou and moose. Each winter he returns to Florida to film and photograph alligators, manatees and other wildlife in and around the clear springs near his home in Ocala. A talented musician and composer, he has written and performed scores for over 250 television shows and commercials.
  Robert Wooten is a seasoned filmmaking veteran with over 20 years experience behind the camera, shooting action, adventure, wildlife, sports, and documentaries. He has traveled the world capturing amazing footage for National Geographic, Discovery, HBO, Fox, ESPN, CBS, and CNN. In addition to being a skilled storyteller and a gifted field technician, he is a talented and accomplished editor in the commercial and documentary field.
  Editor and producer Chun-Wei Yi has worked for a variety of broadcasters, non-profits and corporations, including National Geographic, PBS, The Nature Conservancy, and Goldman Sachs. He was the Senior Editor on the Showtime Networks team that launched the Smithsonian Channel in 2007 and earned two Emmy nominations and an Emmy Award in its first year of broadcast. Chun-Wei was the Associate Producer on a recent National Geographic expedition to Vietnam in search of venomous snakes.