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We offer immersion workshops (running 3, 7, 12, and 21-days) to teach participants to communicate scientific findings, natural history information, or conservation messages by creating compelling, professional-quality videos.

Topics include story selection, writing, camera technique, voiceovers, video and audio production, basic video and audio editing, project output, and distribution.

These technical elements underpin the main focus of the workshops: effective storytelling through video. The “hands-on” approach will be emphasized, and participants will put concepts introduced in lecture into daily practice.

Participants will also critique existing documentaries, and by the end of the workshop, students have the option to produce a short film on a topic of their choosing.

Join us for an upcoming ScienceFilm workshop (Check the list to the right to find the nearest location to you). If you would like to discuss the possibility of bringing a ScienceFilm workshop to you, please contact us! We are totally portable.

If you are planning on attending a ScienceFilm workshop, please browse the resources below.


Here are some general ScienceFilm resources. If you are looking for information specific to your workshop, please click on the specific link under 'Upcoming Training Workshops', to the right.

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Recommended Reading Material

ScienceFilm Brochure (PDF)




May 22-29, 2016: Friday Harbor Laboratories, WA


May 5-9.14 University of Utah (chartered)
July 1-18.14 Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
Oct 4-8.12 University of Utah
July 11-15.12 Duke Marine Lab, UNC
Mar 20-22.12 Whitehorse, Yukon
Oct 14-16.11 University of Utah
Sept 5-28.11 Quest University Canada
May 22-31.11 University of Puerto Rico, San Juan
Apr 24-May 1.11 Friday Harbor Laboratories
Oct 10-17.10 Bodega Marine Lab, Bodega Bay, CA
July 26-Aug 13.10 Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
Apr 19-30.10 UBC Biodiversity Research Centre
Nov 16-22.09 Friday Harbor Laboratories
May 4-22.09 Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre