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Great video series from the American Museum of Natural History

Science video has come a long way in the last few years. Here are some great examples of well-filmed, slickly produced, entertaining, and informative videos from the American Museum of Natural History, in their series Shelf Life

I particularly like this Coelocanth video:


World Science Festival & an amazing library of science videos

If you want some examples of how other people have approached the telling of science stories through film, look no further than the World Science Festival. This is a festival that happens each year, this year in New York City from May 30 – June 3rd. I have no doubt that the festival would be excellent to attend, but you can gain a great deal by watching some of the 300+ videos, mostly science related, in their awesome video library.

There is something here for everyone.

What Alan Alda can teach scientists about communication

Alan Alda has been studying ways to engage the public with science. He recommends the following:

Attraction – use body language, tone of voice, and eye contact more than words to grab audiences in the first two minutes.
Infatuation – use emotion, personal anecdotes, and stories to keep your ideas in the audience’s mind.
Commitment – maintain an ongoing connecting with the audience by listening and responding to what they’re asking.

For more information, surf to this article:

USA Character Project

Eight Directors. Eight Short Films. Every Character Has a Story.

As they say here in Puerto Rico – “Que Cool!”

Click Here to check it out.

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