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Month: December 2014

How to use your GoPro effectively

GoPro cameras are ubiquitous, for good reason. In Science Filmmaking, they can get you into small spaces that are essential for supporting your narrative, and capture action in a hands-free way. Here is a great summary from B&H about creative ways to use your GoPro:

For an example of a Sciencey video filmed using a GoPro, here is something put together during a class experiment about kelp biomechanics. It’s a bit older now, but shows some neat angles.

Aerial Videography with Drones: A Primer

The landscape of aerial videography is changing so quickly! What was possible only with very expensive helicopter time is now a snap with a little investment and some practice. If you are interested in embarking on a foray into aerial videography with a drone, here is a great primer from B&H to get you started.

I have a DJI Phantom Vision 2+, and it is an incredible piece of equipment. I crashed my Phantom 1 into the ocean (with GoPro and gimbal, a $1500 loss). Mistakes aren’t cheap, but the perspectives are unbeatable.

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