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Month: March 2011

Code of Best Practices for Sustainable Filmmaking

The Centre for Social Media at American University has a great webpage outlining the ‘Best Practices for Sustainable Filmmaking’. They cover everything from feeding yourself ethically on a shoot to calculating the carbon budget for your project. Some great tips here to help you practice what you preach if you are making films about environmental awareness. It may not be possible to do everything on this list immediately, but lots of food for thought.

See the Code of Best Practices for Sustainable Filmmaking here.

Make sure to read right to the bottom; you can download a PDF and all the related documents there.

DC Environmental Film Festival

If you are in the Washington DC area March 15-27, 2011, make sure you check out the DC Environmental Film Festival. Looks like there will be lots of great films and lots of great speakers!

Click here to learn more about it…

Some of the earliest ‘science’ films

The roots of science filmmaking are revealed in this short video from New Scientist. There are some ingenious techniques described here, including a neat intervalometer (for doing timelapse) based on several tin cans and some water. Check it out:

FHL workshop registration now open (and cool video)

Hey folks,

the registration materials for the ScienceFilm Workshop at Friday Harbor are now posted on the ScienceFilm website. Hope to see you there!

Also, a cool TED Talk about the use of video as a teaching tool (forwarded by Brandon Harvey).

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