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Great video series from the American Museum of Natural History

Science video has come a long way in the last few years. Here are some great examples of well-filmed, slickly produced, entertaining, and informative videos from the American Museum of Natural History, in their series Shelf Life

I particularly like this Coelocanth video:


World Science Festival & an amazing library of science videos

If you want some examples of how other people have approached the telling of science stories through film, look no further than the World Science Festival. This is a festival that happens each year, this year in New York City from May 30 – June 3rd. I have no doubt that the festival would be excellent to attend, but you can gain a great deal by watching some of the 300+ videos, mostly science related, in their awesome video library.

There is something here for everyone.

Creativity in wildlife shooting

60-minutes has posted a great behind-the-scenes look at a new Animal Planet program called ‘Spy on the Ice’. (click here) It is a close-up look at polar bears, filmed with extremely creative techniques: remote control cameras disguised as ice, cameras that move on skis, etc. This is the work of John Downer, who pioneered many of these creative approaches. (Learn more about John here). Early in his career, John reared a duck from an egg to enable himself to get closeup shots of a flying duck.

I love this stuff! These are such clever ways to approach filming, it makes me want get out there and build such things. Take inspiration from people like John: the only thing that limits you is your mind!

Nice video about ‘jellyfish’

Many biologists are interested in introducing and explaining the wealth of biodiversity across ecosystems. Here is a nice science video about the diversity of animals encompassed in the group we know as ‘jellyfish’.

This video shows effective use of titling, animations, and narration. This video falls a little bit short on the story side of things (We are always stressing the importance of storytelling in our ScienceFilm workshops), but it provides a nice overview of the group. Do you think this needs more story?

Created by Steven Haddock of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

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